Acquire • Develop • Enhance

Foundation Energy is a registered investment advisor with a history of acquiring, developing, and enhancing domestic oil & gas properties and associated midstream assets. As a premier direct energy manager, our mission is to deliver exceptional returns to our investors through prudent management and enhancement of energy properties.

Our Focus

Our Team + Safety + Cash Flow = Return on Investment

Foundation Energy, Billings ND Asset

Foundation Energy

Foundation Energy is an institutional fund manager and registered investment advisor that provides direct ownership of oil and gas reserves and associated infrastructure. Our core focus is on safe, sustainable, and profitable exploitation and production of domestic oil and gas resources, while also embracing the future of alternative energy. We maintain a generational outlook focused on building a legacy for our partners and employees.
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Foundation Renewable Energy

Foundation Renewable Energy

Our commitment to transition and innovation drives our investments in renewable energy. By prioritizing renewable sources such as solar, we actively contribute diversified energy. These investments align with the growing demand for clean technologies, positioning Foundation Energy to contribute to the transition.
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Core Values


At Foundation, we conduct our business with the utmost honesty, transparency, and accountability. We build trust with our investors, development partners, and stakeholders through ethical practices and adherence to the highest industry standards.

Performance Excellence

We are dedicated to achieving and exceeding industry benchmarks. Through analysis, strategic decision-making, and operational excellence, we maximize the potential of our assets, delivering superior returns to our investors.

Innovation & Sustainability

In a rapidly evolving energy landscape, we embrace innovation as a cornerstone of our approach. We continually explore technologies and methodologies to enhance the value of our investments. Recognizing the importance of responsible energy management, we are committed to balancing economic viability with environmental and social responsibility.
Foundation Energy Management

Red River – Golden Valley, ND

Safety First

At Foundation Energy Management, safety is our top priority.

We recognize that a commitment to the well-being of our personnel, communities, and the environment is fundamental to our success. Rigorous safety protocols and continuous training are ingrained in our operational ethos, ensuring the responsible management of each asset. By prioritizing safety, we not only mitigate risks but also provide our investors with the peace of mind that their investments are managed with the highest standards of care and consideration.

Corporate Responsibility & ESG

We value corporate responsibility in all areas, encompassing our energy assets, the communities they serve, and our commitment to economic energy transition. Our employees are devoted to the growth of our organization and adhere to the values expected by our limited partners and stakeholders. As a part of our mission, one of our core values is good citizenship. We desire to positively impact our local communities, encouraging team building and charitable involvement in worthy causes. Our dedication to our environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) policies exemplifies their importance to us. We foster ESG principles within our culture and integrate ESG practices into our daily activities.
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