Foundation Renewable Energy

Foundation Renewable Energy Company, LLC (FREC), an affiliate of Foundation Energy Company, LLC, focuses on developing renewable energy projects which support the upstream and midstream sector. Additionally, FREC will acquire, operate, and execute renewable energy projects outside of oil and gas – building a portfolio to scale that is focused on decarbonization supporting the energy transformation.

Renewable Energy Investment

Our Approach to Transition

Foundation Renewable Energy is dedicated to developing renewable energy projects that complement and enhance upstream and midstream assets. We focus on operations that are scalable, efficient, and align with our commitment to environmental stewardship. With a keen eye for opportunities in solar and storage technologies, we prioritize investments that offer repeatability, scale, and long-term value. This directly and indirectly supplies energy to the communities in which we operate.
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MW Operated Generation
MT CO2e per Year Reduction
MW Solar in Development

Exploring Synergies for Renewable Energy with Baseload Oil & Gas Electrical Demand

  • SWD Facilities
  • Repurposing Abandoned Locations
  • Waterflood Units
  • Gas Plants
  • Compressor Stations

*Indirectly where we operate

Current Asset Overview

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